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HealthSpan Plan

By PhytoProLife / 15th August 2023

Healthy ageing is about more than simply extending lifespan – i.e. surviving to an older age. Healthy ageing should also be about extending the length of time a person is healthy. We call this HealthSpan – a measure of long and healthy life. We have been researching, formulating and prescribing HealthSpan-supporting protocols to patients for […]

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Self-Care = Earth-Care

Self-Care = Earth-Care

By PhytoProLife / 4th March 2022

Care for both your homes – your body and the Earth    Self-care = Earth-care. Caring for yourself and caring for the Earth are not mutually exclusive. We live in an age where climate change is a reality, the effects of which are visible daily across the globe. While the earth does follow its own […]

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Finding Balance in Life

By PhytoProLife / 12th June 2019

    What does someone mean when they say “live a balanced life” or “bring one’s life into balance”? What do we hear? My take on “finding balance in life” is influenced by my understanding that all spheres and systems of life are interconnected. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual spheres all play off one […]

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Reishi is used in Phyto Pro Immune Booster. Read more here.

Reishi, Magical Medicinal Mushroom

By PhytoProLife / 21st May 2019

    Reishi, also known as língzhī in Chinese or Ganoderma lucidum in Latin, is a species of wood-decaying, fan-shaped mushroom found on wounded or dead trees in the forests of Asia. In nature it helps breakdown these trees, returning the components to the natural ecosystem. To carry out this challenging activity it contains potent […]

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The 411 on Forskolin

By PhytoProLife / 28th March 2019

    Forskolin is an herbal extract from the root of the Coleus forskohlii (aka Plectranthus barbatus) plant. This plant has been cultivated for centuries in the Himalayas for medicinal purposes and is an important part of the Ayurvedic pharmacy when it comes to the treatment of skin, lung, gut and heart conditions.   How does […]

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Superhero Partners in the fight against Cancer

By PhytoProLife / 11th December 2018

Broccoli has been lauded as a superfood for years, and with good reason. It contains particular phytonutrients called glucosinolates that, when converted into their active form called sulforaphane, proactively fight cancer cells. However, these phytonutrients need an enzyme called myrosinase to activate them and this enzyme is easily damaged by heat, e.g. during the cooking […]

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What’s the T about Coffee?

By PhytoProLife / 2nd November 2018

Is coffee a health-inducing beverage? Coffee has become the drug of choice for much of society, with many finding the thought of starting the day without a cup of the brown stuff unbearable. But hardly a week goes by without new research being released describing either the harms or benefits of this beverage. Some of […]

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By phytopro / 3rd August 2018

Phyto Pro was founded on two principles, inherited from our medical origins: (1) First do no harm and (2) Food is Medicine. In this follow-on to my previous blog, “Food is Medicine,” I discuss what “First do no Harm” means to us. In our functional medical clinic, we concentrated on maximising the benefit we could […]

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By phytopro / 2nd August 2018

Phyto Pro was founded on two principles, inherited from our medical origins: (1) First do no harm and (2) Food is Medicine. What do these mean to us? Let’s start with “Food is Medicine”. If we look at the body as one system, with many smaller systems hosted within it, there are ultimately a limited […]

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