HealthSpan Plan


Healthy ageing is about more than simply extending lifespan – i.e. surviving to an older age. Healthy ageing should also be about extending the length of time a person is healthy. We call this HealthSpan – a measure of long and healthy life.

We have been researching, formulating and prescribing HealthSpan-supporting protocols to patients for years and now we bring to you a simple, easy-to-follow plan that is the foundation of every HealthSpan-extending protocol we recommend.

Cultivating a lifestyle that extends HealthSpan means that you experience health benefits today and extend these far into your future, preventing your body from going down disease pathways it otherwise would have given your genetic predispositions and your historical lifestyle choices. Or at least slowing down the rate at which your body does venture down these pathways if it’s going to!

We invite you to download and read our ebook, where we lay out briefly our approach to HealthSpan extending practices. We will build on this foundation with future content, hosted on our media channels, including videos, blogs and group chats. Be sure to subscribe to our socials (instagram and facebook) to keep up to date with our HealthSpan movement.

Begin by clicking the link below to download the plan and start your journey to a healthier tomorrow now!

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