Livestock farming is a costly affair


Farming livestock is more costly. David Pimentel, a professor at Cornish University calculated that to produce 1 kg of beef, 100 kg of hay, 4 kg of grain and ±100,000 litres of water are required. Plant-based farming uses 500% less water and if done in an environmentally-friendly manner, free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, does not leave the land as barren and infertile as livestock farming does.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed how plant-based agriculture has the potential to feed more people a healthy, nutritious diet than animal-based agriculture in a sustainable, earth- honouring manner.

Including more plant-based products like Pea Protein Isolate into your diet helps alleviate the suffering of millions of animals through commercial farming. We aren’t advocating a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle for everyone.

Instead, we are advocating an increase in the use of plant-based foods like Pea Protein Isolate and a decrease in the reliance on animal-products for food.

If and when you choose to consume an animal-based food product, do so with an awareness of how humane, ethical, organic and sustainable the source is, and how appropriate this choice is for your individual health and well-being.

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