Phyto Pro was founded on two principles, inherited from our medical origins: (1) First do no harm and (2) Food is Medicine. What do these mean to us? Let’s start with “Food is Medicine”.

If we look at the body as one system, with many smaller systems hosted within it, there are ultimately a limited number of inputs into the body-system that create the outputs of health, longevity and vitality. These can be counted on one hand – air, sunlight, water, movement and food, the latter being the most tangible. In other words, what we eat becomes who we are.


If we input polluted air or contaminated water we very quickly experience the onset of disease and poor health. Why would this be any different for the food we eat?


Another way to think about this is to see the body as a building site. Every cell is constructed from the food we eat. DNA-derived builder enzymes, themselves made from protein, harvest individual “building blocks” like fatty acids and amino acids from our meals to construct new cells and tissues as we grow, and repair existing cells and tissues from everyday wear and tear.


Any homeowner knows that home maintenance is a continuous task and if you slack off you invariably pay the price down the line. Similarly, every cell needs to be cared for and replaced or we fall victim to conditions ranging from accelerated ageing to cancer. Almost every cell will be replaced at some time or another and each cycle is an opportunity for our body to either build a stronger or weaker replacement cell. This is partly dependent on what’s going on with our DNA but equally dependent on the quality of the building blocks our bodies have access too.


The body will almost not try to repair and replace cells and tissues it considers worn down. But when it only has access to poor quality building blocks, these replacement cells and tissue don’t last as long and don’t function as well as the originals. Over time the body sends in more and more repairmen from the immune system, and eventually, this ignites the cascade of inflammation that underlies almost all diseases known to us, from colds to cancer, autoimmune diseases to accelerated ageing.


Food matters.

Poor food choices create disease. Healthy food choices create health. Food can be medicine if you choose it to be.




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