What is Informed Sport?
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What is Informed Sport?

The Informed-Sport programme was developed to minimise the risk of banned-substance contamination within sports supplement products, as determined by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Certification is a rigorous process that assesses the full value chain of a product from the supplier to the shelf. Each batch of certified product is tested in the UK prior to release onto the market and consumers around the globe, from elite and amateur athletes, coaches and nutritionists, trust in the quality assurance that accompanies any product in the Informed-Sport programme.

Phyto Pro has certified the SPORT range with Informed-Sport. This allows us to assure consumers that every batch of Phyto Pro SPORT has been tested for banned substances and is safer for athletes than other non-certified protein products.

We will soon take other ranges in the Phyto Pro stable through the certification process. Consumers can, for now, be assured that we apply the same level of care and oversight to all our product lines.

For more information on the Informed-Sport program and the testing process please visit www.informed-sport.com