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Summer Plant-Based Weight-Loss Bundle

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Phyto Pro One is built on a foundation of alkalising, hypoallergenic, non-inflammatory, non-GMO, French-farmed, water-extracted PEA PROTEIN ISOLATE, which contains the full spectrum of essential amino acids. To this we add CHIA SEEDS for healthy fats and fibre, COCONUT BLOSSOM SUGAR for sustainable carbohydrates and sweetness and antioxidant-packed superfoods RED ROOIBOS MATCHA and SPIRULINA to boost nutrient density.

800g / 20 servings

3-in-1 Energiser

3-in-1 PRE-WORKOUT ENERGISER provides immediate and sustainable energy, using clean, plant-based ingredients, to power you through your workout, increasing your endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

It balances electrolytes lost, enhances mental focus and helps you burn fat for fuel.*


Thrive Lifestyle Protein

PHYTO PRO THRIVE offers you a source of complete protein that tastes great, supports a healthy body and a healthy planet and makes it easier to incorporate honest nutrition into an active, busy lifestyle.

For detail on sizing and serving variants, refer to the Ingredients and Nutrition section.

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Product Benefits
Use this combination of #cleaningredient #functionalnutrition #plantbased products, designed by with a medical team who understands the synergy between nutrition and the body, to help you loose excess body fat in a healthy and sustainable manner.

This hamper consists of the following products:

  • Phyto Pro ONE – complete nutrition solution with full spectrum of:
    • Macronutrients (complete protein, healthy fats and low GI carbs)
    • Micronutrients (100% RDA doses of A-Z minerals and vitamins in bioavailable forms)
    • Antioxidant-rich superfoods (rooibos matcha and spirulina give 26,000 more free-radical scavenging power than blueberries)
    • Prebiotic fibre (from chicory)

When used a meal replacement, Phyto Pro ONE provides the perfect combination of high nutrient density and low calorie count. This keeps you fuller for longer while also keeping your cells happy and healthy.

  • Phyto Pro 3-in-1 ENERGISER – functional nutrition booster designed to naturally support your body’s inherent ability to create energy on a cellular level. By nutrifying your mitochondria you increase their activity, which leads to:
    • Increased resting metabolism – burn more energy while at rest
    • Increased energy during activity – activate more energy during activity
    • Increased recruitment of fat for fuel – use fat stores for fuel

All this is accomplished without the use of unhealthy stimulants and dangerous metabolism enhancers. By working together with the body, a healthier, more sustainable outcome is achieved.

  • Phyto Pro THRIVE Vanilla Pouch – our original and simplest product is our daily protein range called THRIVE. Protein is the key that turns off the satiety switch in the brain – i.e. whether we feel hungry or not – and THRIVE provides you with the cleanest, complete protein to turn this key off!
  • Our “Summer Plant-Based Weight-Loss Guide” – an ebook that (1) describes the program, (2) recommends daily supplement, meal and movement routine, geared towards encouraging healthy and sustainable weight-loss, and (3) a bunch of simple, easy-to-prepare and delicious recipes. This PDF document is available to download once your purchase is complete.


  1. On rising, participate in some form of physical activity for 30 minutes on an empty stomach. It does not matter how intense the activity is – the focus is on getting the body and lymphatic system moving.
  2. For breakfast, after your morning movement practice, blend 1 serving of Phyto Pro ONE with 350ml water or plant-milk of your choice and drink.
  3. Two hours later, blend 1 serving of Phyto Pro 3-in-1 ENERGISER with 200ml chilled water and drink as your mid-morning snack. If needed, have 1 serving of raw fruit or vegetables.
  4. Make lunch your biggest meal of the day, with a focus mostly on wholefood plant-based ingredients. Go for at least 3 colours and a variety of textures on your plate.
  5. Make your mid-afternoon snack a Phyto Pro THRIVE smoothie to help carry you over the mid-afternoon slump. Blend a serving of THRIVE with water, something creamy (hemp seeds, chia seeds, avocado, cauliflower, etc.) and something fresh (baby spinach, frozen berries, etc.) and drink. With this smoothie on board, your body will need a smaller, lighter meal in the evenings, leaving more energy and resources free while you sleep to tackle the healing and repair work the body needs done.