Pea Protein:

Is your Pea Protein a complete protein?

Yes, it has all of the essential as well as many non-essential amino acids.  It is also naturally high in branch chain amino acids which help your body to recover faster.

What are the benefits of pea protein?

There are many benefits to using pea protein. However, the main ones are that it is easy to digest and assimilate, therefore aiding in faster muscle recovery and that is hypo-allergenic. Furthermore, the specific pea protein we have sourced is not processed or extracted using any chemicals and is therefore the ‘cleanest’ protein available.

All Products:

What do you use to sweeten your products?

We use a low-carb blend of Xylitol and Stevia, with minimal use of both ingredients. We prefer to allow our customers to choose their own preferred form of carbohydrate intake and also to provide products for those who are following a low-carbohydrate meal plan.

Do you use any artificial ingredients or preservatives?

No. We do use processed ingredients and extracts, but they are all from a natural, non-chemical/petrochemical source. We do not use preservatives, fillers or texturisers in our products.

Do any of your products contain GMOs?

No, all of our ingredients are certified non-GMO.

Thrive Products:

Who should use a Thrive shake?

Thrive shakes have been designed for anyone wishing to increase their daily protein intake – from athletes and gym goers, to vegans and vegetarians and those wanting to lose weight. They provide simple, low-carb protein supplementation in various flavours.

Can I give Thrive shakes to my children?

Yes, Thrive shakes are suitable for the entire family. The general protein guideline is 10g of protein for every 10kg of body weight – for example, a man weighing 80kg would be recommended to have approximately 80g of protein per day from all of his food sources of protein including supplemental shakes. However, the more active one is, the more protein one requires.

Can I use Thrive shakes if I am pregnant?

Yes, you may. Just follow the guidelines from your doctor or nutritionist for daily protein intake while pregnant.

Are your Thrive products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are made from strictly certified vegan-only ingredients.

May I use Thrive shakes if I am gluten intolerant?

Yes, we do not use any ingredients that contain gluten.

May I use a Thrive shake as a meal replacement?

No, as our Thrive shakes are protein only, they are not adequate for meal replacement. We recommend using your favourite Thrive powder as a component of a more complete smoothie if you wish to replace a meal. Thrive shakes do make great snack replacements though!

Sport Products:

What happened to Phyto Pro Heal?

We merged the Heal and Sport brands. We upgraded the Heal formula and we now sell it as Phyto Pro Sport. It has all of the original benefits of the original Heal formula and more!

Who should use a Sport shake?

Our Sport shakes are designed for two main user groups. Firstly, those who are involved in endurance activity or heavy workouts and require additional nutrients for recovery and secondly those dealing with inflammatory conditions, particularly inflammatory bowel conditions. It is important to note that our Sport shakes are also low in carbohydrates and so these should be added according to preference in order to replenish glycogen stores post workout.

Can I use a Sport shake if I am pregnant?

All of the ingredients in our Sport shake are pregnancy safe. However, we do recommend that you discuss the use of any supplement while you are pregnant with your doctor to ensure that you do not duplicate nutrients across different products and potentially ingest more than the RDA for any particular vitamin or mineral.

Can my children use a Sport shake?

We recommend half the serving size (20g) a maximum of twice daily for children between 12 and 16.  We do not recommend use of Sport for children under the age of 12.

How many servings of Sport can I have per day?

We recommend a maximum of 2 full servings or 80g per day.

How much caffeine is there in your Sport shakes?

The caffeine in our Sport shakes is negligible as our Green tea extract is optimised for antioxidant value and not for caffeine.

Booster Products:

How does your 3-in-1 Energiser work?

Our 3-in-1 Energiser helps the body to create energy naturally. We recommend consistent once-daily use even when not exercising. It may take up to 3 weeks to notice a difference. This is not a product full of caffeine or stimulants as we believe that using stimulants will result in lower natural energy levels over the long term.

3-in-1 vs. Nitro Blast?

The 3-in-1 Energiser has numerous uses as its name suggests. It may be used pre, during or post workout. It is an electrolyte fix, fat burner and energy booster. It may also be used in conjunction with Nitro Blast. For simplicity though, we recommend 3-in-1 for resistance training and Nitro Blast for cardio. For endurance we would recommend using Nitro Blast pre-workout and 3-in-1 during and / or after.

Essential Products:

What is the Essential range?

The Essentials range is a selection of single-ingredient, clean and cost-effective plan-based essential supplements. Each product contains only one ingredient.

How can I use the products in the Essential range?

L-Glutamine: Supplementation with L-Glutamine can assist athletes who require sustainable strength, speed and endurance gains throughout training and recovery cycles. It naturally boosts growth hormone when combined with exercise and enhances the production of antioxidants like glutathione*.

Simply add 1 teaspoon (or 5g) into fruit juice or your protein shake, 1-2 times daily on an empty stomach.