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Clean Protein – all of the good stuff, none of the bad.

Phyto Pro, Clean Protein

Gym goers & endurance athletes, rugby players & yogis, weekend warriors & domestic goddesses – we are all pursuing our highest, healthiest potential.

Phyto Pro offers you clean, effective, nutritional solutions that respect your body and the planet you live on.

Our products help you achieve your fitness, nutritional and wellbeing goals through the use of natural, plant-based ingredients that are backed up by science and promote performance and longevity.

Functional Food for Functional Fitness.

Train Strategically. Accelerate Recovery. Increase Gains.

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Phyto Pro, Functional Food for Functional Fitness

Inspired By Science, Designed For Health


Phyto Pro developed out of our medical and lifestyle change practice, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Read more about our history here.

We are on a quest for health, longevity and performance. We believe these can be achieved through the targeted use of plant-based nutrition – click here to understand why we believe plant-based is the future!

Phyto Pro uses pea protein isolate – a source of complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids for healthy healing and muscle growth, that comes from yellow peas. It is one of the few alkaline, anti-inflammatory, non-allergenic proteins on the market and our protein is of the best quality. We extract the protein from peas using water and gravity only, so you get none of the harmful chemical or heavy metal residue found in other concentrated proteins. Read more about why our pea protein trumps whey and soy here!

Where does Phyto Pro fit into your lifestyle?

  • As A Source Of Complete Concentrated Protein In A Vegan Diet

  • A Protein Top-Up In A Mixed Diet

  • A Pre-Workout Energiser And Nutritional Primer

  • A Comprehensive, Targeted, Post-Activity Recovery Formula

  • As Part Of A Long- Term Health And Vitality Maintenance Plan

  • As Part Of A Healing Plan Prescribed By An Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Phyto Pro, Complement Not Replace Your Balanced Diet

Don’t compromise your health for performance.

Try Phyto Pro now!